NEM(Symbol) are tools that offer solutions to familiar problems

Hi, I'm kenji.


There are many cryptocurrencies available.


I think each of you own your favorite cryptocurrency for reasons such as "XX is valuable because it can do this" or "XX is valuable because its features are △△".


Like, you own bitcoin because it has the same scarcity value as gold.


I own NEM (Symbol) because it solves a familiar problem.


In my country, Japan, we have some troublesome habits.


In Japan, there are year-end and New Year's parties in companies.


The organizer collects the dues from the participants, but the organizer must go to the participants to collect the dues.


Using NEM(Symbol)'s Aggregate Transaction, you can solve this problem.


In Japan, the act of preparing a proposal and seeking approval for it in order to secure a budget is called a "circular draft".


In Japan, it's called "The ringi system".


The ringi system is the typical Japanese way ofmaking decisions through the medium of writingusing a circular letter.


It makes it easier to reach a conclusionin a short time.


But in reality, it takes time and decision-making is slow.


NEM(Symbol)'s multi-level multi-sig accounts can reduce the settlement time for approval letters.


This is how NEM(Symbol) can solve the problem.


The high resale of tickets has become a problem in Japan now.


If you use NEM(Symbol)'s mosaic feature, the problem can be solved.


Also, disguising the origin of food and manufactured goods has become a problem in Japan.


The traceability of "NEM (Symbol)" allows us to follow the flow of the product from production to consumption, so the place of origin cannot be faked.


I find value in "NEM(Symbol)", which offers solutions to various problems I'm having right now.